Proactive and committed to success

Inspired by innovation and enterprise


High new business launch rate

  • 2nd most dynamic region for the creation on new businesses
  • 36,000 new businesses launched in 2007
  • Annual increase of 4.2%

Inventive and innovative

  • 3rd region in France for number of aplications in 2007
  • 750 patent applications
  • 3,800 trademark applications
  • 11,300 design protection applications

Active business support via "pôle de compétitivité " clusters and "PRIDES" labeled organizations

  • Solid regional participation in competitive business cluster initiative
  • PRIDES (regional cluster for innovation) is a label launched to further support development
  • 9 competitive business clusters representing more, than 500 companies. 
  • 26 PRIDES-labeled organizations supporting 2,600 companies and 130,000 jobs.

High labor productivity

A competitive workforce

  • France 2nd most productive region in Europe
  • PACA 2nd most productive region in France (based on ratio GDP/job), just behind the Ile-de-France region.
  • Only 3.8% of total number of "days not worked" nationally
  • Favorable environment for labor relations
  • Dynamic collective bargaining with 6,000 agreements signed in 2008
  • 70% of those who change jobs do so within the same company (strong employee loyalty)