World-class education and training








High potential in post-secondary education and research
The regional budget for higher education and research was tripled in the last 10 years

  • 25,000 jobs in R&D including more than 15,000 researchers (ranked 2nd nationally)
  • 152,000 students
  • 400 public research laboratories connected to 6 universities and national research organizations
  • Groundbreaking international projects such as ITER or ANTARES
  • 2,3 billion of overall investment in R&D with €1,3 billion from private investments including 20% from small business (SOHO)
  • More than 50R&D projects initiated by competitive business cluster approved and funded by the French National Research Agency (17% of all projects in France)

Excellence and variety in education

The region offers a variety of top level training institutions in a number of fields, to suit the needs of all students


  • 14 engineering schools
  • 6 universities
  • 8 business schools
  • 16 international schools (including Manosque international school with students of 31 nationalities)


Alternative education and training

With continuous education, vocational training, employer-sponsored training, skills assessments, Validation of knowledge Acquired through Experience (VAE program), employees in the region have access to a number of alternative training offers, which allow them to continuously improve and acquire new competencies

  • Leading region in France for alternative training and education, at all levels
  • 2,600 candidates receiveid a certificate following a VAE (higher than national average)
  • 62 % of employees would like to do training in order to improve their job performance
  • 80 %of employees are willing to do training on their own time