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Unique human resources support
New and innovative support for your HR

  • The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region placed human potential at the heart of economic development, with the creation of PACA Mode d'Emploi. This organization analyses your project and offers public-funding HR solutions (consulting, recruitment, training and funding)

  • For a company setting up in the region, PACA Mode d'Emploi will help you anticipate your needs and recruit efficiently; save time; manage and develop human resources and satisfy and support you throughout your project.

  • Paca Mode d'Emploi have assisted 150 companies which represents over 20,000 potential hiring working alongside the Pôle Emploi national employment agency and other training and recruitment organizations

Adding value through networks

Shared resources common goals

  • Both national and regional authorities are committed to economic development projects, via competitive business clusters and PRIDES-labeled organizations. Through public aid programs and grants, top priority is given to exchange, innovation, international development, information and communications technologies, employee training and social and environmental responsibility
  • 30% of jobs represented in regional competitive business clusters are in R&D
  • PRIDES-labeled organizations : 88group actions and 25 group initiatives in R&D in 2008