Guillaume Vermorel

Human Resources Director



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MALONGO: French leader in gourmet coffee - the first coffee company to commit to Fair Trade and organic coffee farming - 376 employees - 14 cafés in France - Carros (06)

Jean Pierre BLANC General Manager

jp BlancMalongo is moving, but only a very short distance from its current location. Does the region provide everything you need for your business?

«A number of elements contribute to this region’s exceptional standard of living: climate, rich cultural heritage, prime geographical location, reduced commuting travel time with the proximity of commercial zones, and many more.  These elements help provide a low-stress atmosphere for our employees who in turn can focus on increasing productivity. In PACA’s vast regional workforce, we have found all the competences we need to continue growing.

During a joint project with local Universities to create a coffee traceability system, our company experienced first-hand the diversity and flexibility of regional skills. The PACA region truly draws all the necessary ingredients for successful business: intellectual expertise (world-class education and training), technical expertise (highly developed industrial fabric) and leading edge industries to drive Research and Development. As for culture, climate, accessibility... a number of bonuses come with the package!
... »

ITER – Nuclear fusion reactor prototype, a unique international project - Cadarache (04)

Pascale AMENC-ANTONI Senior official

epascale_jpg In 2005, Cadarache was chosen as the ITER project site. In your opinion, what were the determining factors in this decision?

"The decision regarding site location was based primarily on international strategy. With Cadarache, France would be able to promote the expertise of the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) and its network of world-renowned partners. In addition, local resources were available to satisfy the project’s conditions for success.

The project’s employment and training requirements were met by regional employment agencies (Pôle Emploi [Public Employment Service], AFPA [National Association for Adult Vocational Training] and DRTEFP [Regional Department of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training], among others). Partners and subcontractors received training during the project’s construction phase. Special programs were implemented to help families relocate. Finally, the International School of Manosque (capacity: 1000 students) was built specifically to accommodate the children of ITER’s foreign employees.”


BERKLEY  – specialized in industrial paint and metal packaging - 25 employees - member of PRIDES SSI - Carros (06)

Bernard KLEYNHOFF Manager

Bernard khleynoff Your business requires special skills; how do you handle recruiting?

«My business does indeed require a unique set of skills. For hiring, I work with the Pôle Emploi. My principle contact there told me about pre-employment training contracts. This specific contract has proved to be a perfect fit for my needs since it allows me to train people before hiring them. I can keep apprentices at the end of their training period and reduce company costs at the same time.»




AGRO-NOVAE,  industrial company specializing in developing technological fruit ingredients and fruit processing for jams and compotes - 40 employees - Peyruis (04)

Yves FAURE President

yves faure

Tell us about your presence in PACA and what advantages you found in setting up in this region?

"Our HR needs are twofold. First, we need competent production line operators from the workforce based in the Durance River valley. Our production line workforce is predominantly female; operators enjoy the factory’s high food standards and opening hours which are compatible with family life. Second, we also have a need for executives with expertise in the fields of industry, marketing and R & D. The premium quality of our products combined with the pleasant “sunny countryside” workplace environment are important factors in the company’s overall appeal.

The nearby European University of Senteurs et Saveurs (Scents and Flavors) based in Forcalquier is also a tremendous asset to local food and cosmetics companies, providing a constant source of improvement to our performance. Regular exchanges between these economic sectors boost our performance and enhance creativity.”



ECOLE CENTRALE DE MARSEILLE -  Engineering School located in the heart of the Marseille Chateau-Gombert Technology park (13)

François FLORY  Research Professor

ffloryWhat are the advantages of the location of the Ecole Centrale in Marseille?

“Students may consider themselves privileged to study in a region with such a rich natural and cultural heritage. Many choose to settle down here after their studies and take advantage of opportunities for professional integration such as internships or programs for scientific and technological cooperation. In return, their energy and talent become assets to our region.

The prime location of the city of Marseille also allows us to work closely with countries in the Mediterranean region as well as with the rest of the world. The city is very open to international partnerships with a variety of countries including China, Russia, Brazil and others.

Furthermore, the impact of the region’s investments in high-level training programs is significant. It’s as if the seeds of new talents have been planted in our own soil. The region in turn reaps the rewards of this talent pool by offering companies the competencies they need to relocate here. Large companies and SMEs can accelerate project development thanks to these competencies. As an example, our school has assisted a number of industrial partners including DCNS, Eurocopter, ST Microelectronics, CMA-CGM, EDF and SNCF in the development of their projects"


SFR – No. 2 telephone and Internet operator in France - Consolidated sales: €12 billion - 10,000 employees - 20 million customers – Centre d’expertise in Marseille (13)

Laure DUCOTTET HR Manager

«When AOL was sold to Neuf Cegetel, we had to convince the buyer of the need to maintain our site in Marseille. 90% of employees acquired higher professional qualifications when they changed jobs. When SFR in turn bought Neuf Cegetel in 2008, we earned their trust and the site became a high value-added center for internal company needs. Despite changes in corporate strategy and culture, teams adapted and maintained top quality services, widely acknowledged by industry professionals. In terms of efficiency, the region’s internal performance indicators are very good. They exceed targets as well as the national average. Our employees are committed to their company’s brand and as long our goals and methods are well assimilated, we can rely on our teams getting fully involved.»


EOLE-RES – World leader in renewable energies – Wind turbine manufacturing – 50 employees, 10 nationalities – Avignon (84)

Magali FERRY Director of Human Resources

You have held HR Manager positions in other regions of France. How is your job in PACA any different from your past jobs?

“Employees in this region tend to get more involved in their jobs. The combination of an attractive environment and an exciting job is key to retaining talent. This same combination makes recruitment all the more easier. People here are generous and share their knowledge easily and with enthusiasm. Our employees participate in educational workshops in schools to teach the next generations about renewable energy. Other employees are members of associations which promote the principles of sustainable development. EOLE-RES employees are very devoted to their jobs.”



PROMAN – Family-run SME – No. 6 Temporary Employment Agency in France – Aix en Provence (13) .

Sylvie GENEYS Agency Manager

After having worked in other regions, what are your impressions on working in PACA?

«Based on my previous experience in other French regions, I find employee loyalty here to be remarkable and truly characteristic of the PACA region. This loyalty creates stability in the regional workforce which in turn becomes an asset to economic development. I have also noticed that employees in this region, both in executive and administrative positions, are highly committed to new technology training and professional advancement opportunities. This facilitates mobility across departments within a company. Regional mobility is also well accepted. It is not uncommon for an engineer to accept a 6-month mission 200 miles away from home.»

BUSINESS DECISION, European leader in business intelligence, CRM and e-business – 2,700 employees worldwide - 70 employees in Marseille (13)


Nicolas VERAS Director

In your opinion, what regional assets most benefit your business?

"I would say the region’s economic activities and workforce above all. All the necessary skills are available in the region’s labour pool to meet the needs of local businesses. I have also noticed that our employees are attached to their region, loyal to their company and that they are very hard workers! Sometimes I feel like we work longer hours here than in Paris! Whenever we win big accounts, everyone is enthusiastic and gets totally involved.

Finally, the quality and level of education offered here is crucial. We have been training our staff ever since the launch of our business, at a time when schools and universities were not yet preparing students for our highly skilled trade. Now we work in partnership with major business schools in the area whose curriculum is tailored to meet our needs. 95% of the students who did internships with us were hired after their graduation. I can’t imagine a more perfect
harmony between business needs and training programs"


EUROSILICONE, specialized in the manufacture of implantable medical devices - 200 employees - APT (84)


Annick MASSE Director of Human Resources

Your company underwent major changes in its organization and activity. How did your teams contribute to the new project ?

« Thanks to an open dialogue between employees, public-sector partners and management, we proved that is possible to implement a plan for company reorganization, while simultaneously increasing productivity and improving product quality…! Our refusal rate was reduced by half! All concerned parties were informed, consulted and involved in the choice and implementation of a solution. This dialogue was paramount to the success of site development and we are very proud of the professionalism and loyalty expressed by our employees. The site recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in Apt and we are grateful for our staff’s devotion and commitment to continue investing in its growth! »




MEDITERRANEAN ANGLO-AMERICAN BUSINESS NETWORK, French-Anglo-American association dedicated to the promotion of business and cultural relations – Marseille (13)

William PETTERSON Président

Is the Anglo-Saxon community important to our region?

"Absolutely! An estimated 100,000 Americans and 30,000 British citizens live in our region. And that does not include the nearly 750,000 occasional visitors who travel here each year for leisure or business purposes.

Anglo-Saxons are attracted to the south of France for a number of reasons, the more obvious of which are the region’s mild climate, pleasant living conditions and lower cost of real estate than in London or Paris. There are other important factors, however; British or American nationals have access to a number of international companies here. Social networking, telecommuting and the relatively short distance to Paris by train all make it possible to enjoy excellent working conditions while settling down with families in an environment which is favourable to everyone’s development"